XE’sa state of the art laboratoryis well equipped designed to conduct a wide range of tests on a variety of construction materials to assist engineers select representative design parameters and also for quality assurance purposes. Our testing capabilities range from routine tests on a variety of construction materials to advanced testing such as high and low pressure triaxle strength, deformation, consolidation, shear and swelling potential of soils. Whether you require traditional construction materials to be used following established standards, or are using innovative materials requiring development of novel testing methods, we provide practical, financially viable and sustainable solutions to clients.

The Materials Engineering services offered by XE include:

  • Soil Identification
  • Organic Content of Soils
  • Geotechnical Index Testing of Soils
  • Concrete Strength Testing
  • Wet Soil Resistivity Testing
  • Air Entrainment Testing
  • Proctors
  • Aggregate Testing
  • Tailings Characterization
  • Coke Analysis