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Construction Surveying

XE Surveys is your one-source solution for accurate, timely and cost-effective construction surveying services. We excel at staying ahead of industry trends and adapting our approach to better suit our customers’ needs. Our qualified and knowledgeable professionals provide the most precise, efficient and safe construction survey services, including:

  • Machine control support & design
  • All earthwork structures
  • Quantity tracking & reports
  • Topographic & site surveys
  • High precision leveling
  • All underground & above ground utility installs
  • Concrete & anchor bolt installs
  • Pile layout & support

Line Locating

XE Surveys combines the most advanced line locating technology with extensive experience to provide trusted line locating services across Alberta. We are responsive to the demanding nature of our industry and the needs of our clients. Our comprehensive line location services allow our customers to complete ground disturbances with confidence and safety.
XE Surveys accurately locates and maps the following:

  • Electrical lines
  • Gas lines
  • Water lines
  • Storm and Sewer lines
  • Communication and Fiber Optic lines